EXPÉRIENCE - March 2018

EXPÉRIENCE what we’re all about. When did wine get so stuffy? Yes - we know it’s the best beverage in the world, but who are we kidding here? Wine is the best because it has something for everyone. Every budget. Every occasion. Every day. Whether it’s a Tuesday night, or a special addition to the cellar, EXPÉRIENCE is there for you. EXPÉRIENCE is our way of helping you not only navigate through, but become enthralled with, the world of wine. Each and everymonth you will find enticing and approachable wines fromall corners of the globe for all of life’s occasions. Every month, EXPÉRIENCE introduces over 30 new products in select stores throughout our beautiful province. Our monthly EXPÉRIENCE e-flyer will be available online and by email (to subscribe it’s free, and super easy) and will include special features on grape varieties, wineries, and winemaking regions throughout the world - PLUS tasting notes, food pairings, ways to enjoy, and more. To get your free subscription to our EXPÉRIENCE e-Flyer, sign up here. Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to EXPÉRIENCE what wine is really all about.

BANFI putting italy on the map If you knowwine - you know Banfi. However, if you aren’t familiar with one of the world’s top producers of fine wines, you should take this opportunity. Banfi was founded in 1978 by two Italian-American brothers, and has been helping to increase the world’s obsession with Italian wine ever since. The goal of the two brothers was to create a state-of-the-art winery that allowed them to focus on premium - and that they did. The wines of Banfi are born of a passion and continue to get better every day due to their undying commitment to continuous research. They know their land better than anyone and ensure that as much as new technologies are used, they also ensure they have a strong foundation of time tested and respected techniques in both the vineyard and the winery. Banfi possesses numerous wineries/ vineyards thoroughout Italy - with the best of the best coming fromTuscany and Piedmont (to no one’s surprise.) Cin cin!

SPICE UP your life! First off, howmany of you are singing a Spice Girls song right now? Secondly - Have you ever heard someone say the phrase: “ooh, spicy!” after having a sip of wine? You may have smiled and nodded, and then wondered what- in-the-world the person was talking about. Although the term “Spicy” has many different connotations - it is used a lot in the wine world to describe a wide range of aromas and flavours. It tends to be used broadly, mostly in reds - and most people tend to use it in a good way when describing wine. The spicy notes can be pepper, clove, cayenne, and many more, and will depend on the grape varieties used in the blend, and other factors such as time spent in oak barrels, etc. Wines with a “spice” character tend to be great with food as the components will sync up well. They are also perfect for a cool winter night, or hot summer BBQ. Do yourself a favour, and spice up your life with one of this month’s features.


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