expérience - july 2018

EXPÉRIENCE what we’re all about. When did wine get so stuffy? Yes - we know it’s the best beverage in the world, but who are we kidding here? Wine is the best because it has something for everyone. Every budget. Every occasion. Every day. Whether it’s a Tuesday night, or a special addition to the cellar, EXPÉRIENCE is there for you. EXPÉRIENCE is our way of helping you not only navigate through, but become enthralled with, the world of wine. Each and everymonth you will find enticing and approachable wines fromall corners of the globe for all of life’s occasions. Every month, EXPÉRIENCE introduces over 30 new products in select stores throughout our beautiful province. Our monthly EXPÉRIENCE e-flyer will be available online and by email (to subscribe it’s free, and super easy) and will include special features on grape varieties, wineries, and winemaking regions throughout the world - PLUS tasting notes, food pairings, ways to enjoy, and more. To get your free subscription to our EXPÉRIENCE e-Flyer, sign up here. Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to EXPÉRIENCE what wine is really all about.

BARBEQUE REDS. Steaks. Burgers. Ribs. What do they have in common? Sure, the obvious choice would be the barbecue, but that’s TOO obvious. Our preferred answer? All of these cry out for wine. Our second feature this month features big, BBQ friendly reds that will hold their own next to even the boldest burger recipe. We suggest maybe waiting until the sun starts to set before busting out the heavy hitters. As wonderful as these wines are, they aren’t exactly refreshing when it’s 35+ degrees. If you are looking for something light and delicate to enjoy, try our Patio Perfect wines. If you’re looking for something to stand-up to a ribeye, you’re in luck. We’ve sought out an incredible offering of Cab, Zinfandel, Merlot and more to ensure that regardless of what goes on the grill, and the skill level of the person wearing the apron - you’re in good hands.

PATIO PERFECT. For too long, we’ve all believed that beer was the only beverage that belonged on the patio. That stops right here, and right nowwith this month’s feature - wines that are patio perfect. We feel that if beer is now using words, if beer is now using words and descriptors usually reserved for wine, then wine can start to infringe on beer’s world also. Or, you could ensure you have a great selection of everything to have treats for whomever stops by, or whatever you have on the grill. Our main feature this month showcases a wide range of wines perfect for summer in New Brunswick. From bright sparkling, to crisp whites and delicate reds, these wines will not only refresh, but are beyond versatile for food. Our offerings include everything from a German Pinot Noir to Prosecco. Why? Because when you’re on the patio, you never knowwhat to expect.



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